Andrei Yu. Buzin

Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences and Candidate of Legal Sciences,

Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences and Candidate of Legal Sciences (PhD equivalent). Co-chairman (2013–2020) and council member (2020-2023) of the Movement for Defence of Voters' Rights “Golos” (included in the list of foreign agents by the Russian Justice Ministry). In 2016-2019, he was head of the expert consulting group under the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. He was a member of the election commissions of all levels existing in Russia. Author of numerous publications related on electoral law and process, electoral statistics.

Experience and Prospects of Remote Electronic Voting

Ovchinnikov B.V., Buzin A.Yu., Reut O.Ch., Kuznetsov D.A., Nesterov D.V., Rybin A.V., Tolstoguzov V.L., Fedin Ye.V., Isavnin A.A.

Elections and the Pandemic

Grishin N.V., Korgunyuk Yu.G., Nadezhdin B.B., Buzin A.Yu., Bainova M.S., Bocharov Yu.B., Vorobyov N.I., Elaev A.A., Pokrovskaya O.L.

Using Mathematical Methods for Electoral Fraud Detection

Ovchinnikov B.V., Grishin N.V., Korgunyuk Yu.G., Kogan D.L., Buzin A.Yu., Kalinin K., Shalaev N.E., Shpilkin S.A., Shukshin I.A., Mikhailov V.V., Shen A.