New journal issue

No. 2 (4)

Issue 2 (4) of the journal "Electoral politics" was published. It contains research articles by A.E.Lyubarev, K.O.Zhuribeda and A.V.Szydlowski, a virtual roundtable discussion on using mathematical methods to detect electoral fraud (11 participants), and reviews of the books by A.V.Kynev and A.Yu.Buzin.


Arkadii E. Lyubarev
Candidate of Biological Sciences and Candidate of Legal Sciences (PhD equivalent)

Editor’s Note

Main articles

Using Mathematical Methods for Electoral Fraud Detection

N.V.Grishin, V.V.Mikhailov, A.Yu.Buzin, Yu.G.Korgunyuk, D.L.Kogan, A.Shen, N.E.Shalaev, S.A.Shpilkin, K.Kalinin, B.V.Ovchinnikov, I.A.Shukshin