New journal issue

No. 1 (11)

The editorial board presents Issue 1 (11) of Electoral Politics journal. This time the issue includes an analytical paper by Ivan Brikulsky on the legal aspects of remote e-voting, a virtual round table on the issue of candidate registration through voter signature collection, discussion papers on the same subject by Vitaly Kovin and Arkadii Lyubarev, Stanislav Andreichuk's review of a book on political party financing and Yuri Korgunyuk's review of a book on parties and elections in Russia authored by Alexander Kynev and Arkadii Lyubarev.


Editor's Note

Main articles

Candidate and party list registration through voter signature collection

Balabanova O.V., Bolshakov I.V., Buzin A.Yu., Vorobyov N.I., Grezev A.V., Evstifeev R.V., Kiselyov K.V., Klyga A.A., Kovin V.S., Kryzhov S.B., Molchanov O.A., Nesterov D.V., Pokrovskaya O.L., Raczynski S.Z., Rybin A.V., Titov M.V., Fedin Ye.V., Khudolei D.M.