About us

Electoral Politics is international scientific electronic journal on various aspects of elections and election-related topics (referendum, political parties). The focus of the journal highlights is the elections in countries that have recently engaged in democratic development, and comparative studies.
Editorial Board:
Arkadii Lyubarev (Moscow, Russia) – Editor in Chief
Nikolay Grishin (Astrakhan, Russia) – Deputy Chief Editor
Stanislav Andreichuk (Moscow, Russia)
Vladimir Gelman (Helsinki, Finland and Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Margarita Zavadskaya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Yurii Korgunyuk (Moscow, Russia)
Cameron Ross (Dundee, UK)
Editorial Council:
Andrei Buzin (Moscow, Russia)
Grigorii Golosov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Alexander Kynev (Moscow, Russia)
Petr Panov (Perm, Russia)
Fernando Casal Bertoa (Nottingham, UK)
Daniel Smilov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
ISSN 2687-0851
Published from 2019. Frequency is 2 issues per year.
Publisher: limited liability company "Golos Consulting".
Adress: 457015, Naberezhnaya str. 37, Khomutinino, Uvelskiy district,
Chelyabinskaya oblast.
Adress for correspondence: 105066, Elokhovskiy proezd 1 building 3, Moscow.
Head of publishing house: Stanislav Andreichuk.