Yurii G. Korgunyuk

Doctor of Political Sciences, Candidate of Historical Sciences. Leading researcher of Department of Political Sciences of Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1991-1999, he was senior researcher of Center for Applicable Political Studies INDEM (Information Science for Democracy). Since April 1999 - head of Department of Political Science of INDEM foundation and chief editor of database PartArhive. In 1994-2008 - chief editor of the research and information bulletin Partinform. Member of the editorial review board of the Politiya magazine. Chairman of Research Committee on Comparative Study of Party and Electoral Systems of the Russian Political Sciences Association. Member of Research board of the Russian Political Sciences Association. Author of more than 100 scholarly publications in total. Area of expertise: political parties, elections, political and electoral cleavage, mathematical methods in political researches.