Ilya G. Shablinsky

Doctor of Legal Sciences,

All-Union Correspondence Law Institute graduate, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Doctor of Legal Sciences. Ilya Shablinsky worked as an adviser to the Legal Department, then as head of the Information and Analytical Department of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. In 2004-2022, he was a professor at the Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law, Faculty of Law of Higher School of Economics. In 2012-2019, he was a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights.

The Issues of Annulling Vote Returns and Election Results

Balabanova O.V., Brikulsky I.A., Buzin A.Yu., Vorobyov N.I., Elaev A.A., Pokrovskaya O.L., Rybin A.V., Titov M.V., Khudolei D.M., Shablinsky I.G.