Olga L. Pokrovskaya

Jurist, pokrovskaya-olga@yandex.ru

Olga Pokrovskaya is a graduate of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) State University and a Candidate of Biological Sciences with over 20 years of academic and scientific experience. In 2001, she graduated with a degree in legal science from what is now Northwestern Institute of Management of RANEPA. Olga Pokrovskaya worked at the Finance Committee and the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg. In 2013–2017, she was head of analytics department at the Human Rights Commissioner Office in Saint Petersburg. In 2012-2022, she was a member of Saint Petersburg Election Commission with a deciding vote.

Elections and the Pandemic

Grishin N.V., Korgunyuk Yu.G., Nadezhdin B.B., Buzin A.Yu., Bainova M.S., Bocharov Yu.B., Vorobyov N.I., Elaev A.A., Pokrovskaya O.L.

The Issues of Annulling Vote Returns and Election Results

Balabanova O.V., Brikulsky I.A., Buzin A.Yu., Vorobyov N.I., Elaev A.A., Pokrovskaya O.L., Rybin A.V., Titov M.V., Khudolei D.M., Shablinsky I.G.