Table 16. Electoral cleavage structure in the 2021 State Duma election by region

Region Complete ECs EC-1 EC-2 EC-3 EC-4 EC-5
Adygea 3 SE-GO/Dem New/Oth AD/Urb    
Altai Krai 3 SE-MLSP/Urb SE-GO/EI New/Oth 0/Urb  
Amur Obl. + Jewish AO 3 AD/Urb PD-2/Dem STP/0 New/Dem  
Arkhangelsk Obl. + Nenets AO 4 AD/Urb SE-MLSP/Urb HD/Dem 0/EI STP/Urb
Astrakhan Obl. 0 AD/0 SE-MLSP/0 0/Oth 0/Dem  
Bashkortostan 3 SE-GO/Urb New/Dem AD/SWB    
Belgorod Obl. 2 AD/Urb SE-MLSP/Urb      
Bryansk Obl. 2 AD/Urb New/Urb PD-3/0    
Buryatia 2 AD/Urb SE-MLSP/Oth AD/0    
Vladimir Obl. 3 New/Dem SE-MLSP/EI AD/Urb 0/Urb  
Volgograd Obl. 1 AD/Urb 0/Urb SE-MLSP/0    
Vologda Obl. 4 PD-2/Urb STP/Oth 0/0 SE-GO/EI HD/EI
Voronezh Obl. 2 PD-2/Urb WV-LC      
Dagestan 2 New/Oth AD/Urb SE-GO/0 0/Dem 0/EI
Zabaykalsky Krai 3 SE-GO/Urb New/0 PD-1/Urb 0/EI AD/Oth
Ivanovo Obl. 3 SE-MLSP/Urb New/Dem 0/Oth SE-GO/Urb  
Ingushetia 2 0/Dem AD/EI SE-GO/EI New/0  
Irkutsk Obl. 3 SE-MLSP/Urb WV-LC New/EI    
Kaliningrad Obl. 2 AD/Urb SE-MLSP/Urb New/0    
Kalmykia 2 SE-GO/Urb New/Dem AD/0    
Kaluga Obl. 4 AD/Urb WV-LC/Urb New/Dem STP/Oth  
Kamchatka Krai 2 SE-MLSP/0 WV-LC/Urb SE-GO/0 AD/Oth SE-GO/0
Karelia 4 STP/EI 0/EI AD/EI SE-GO/Oth New/Dem
Kabardino-Balkaria 1 AD/EI 0/EI      
Kemerovo Obl. 2 AD/Dem 0/EI STP/Dem    
Kirov Obl. 3 AD/Urb SE-GO/Urb WV-LC/Oth AD/0 SE-MLSP/0
Komi Republic 2 SE-MLSP/Urb PD-3/Dem 0/Oth New/0  
Kostroma Obl. 3 SE-GO/Urb New/EI 0/Oth SE-MLSP/0 AD/SWB
Krasnodar Krai 3 SE-GO/Urb WV-LC/Urb 0/Urb AD/Urb  
Krasnoyarsk Krai 2 AD/Urb SE-MLSP/EI 0/EI 0/EI 0/0
Kurgan Obl. 2 HD/Urb PD-1/0 New/Oth STP/0  
Kursk Obl. 2 HD/Urb SE-MLSP/0 New/EI 0/Urb  
Karachay-Cherkessia 0 SE-MLSP/0 SE-GO/0 AD/0    
Leningrad Obl. 3 SE-GO/Oth SE-MLSP/Dem New/Dem 0/0  
Lipetsk Obl. 2 PD-1/Urb SE-MLSP/Oth      
Magadan Obl. 2 SE-GO/Dem AD/Urb 0/Oth    
Mari El 1 AD/Urb New/0 SE-MLSP/0    
Mordovia 2 PD-1/Urb PD-4/Dem      
Moscow 3 PD-3/Oth HD/EI WV-LC/Oth    
Moscow Obl. 4 PD-1/EI AD/EI SE-GO/Dem New/Urb  
Murmansk Obl. 2 AD/EI SE-GO/EI 0/0    
Nizhny Novgorod Obl. 2 PD-2/Urb WV-LC/Oth 0/Urb    
Novgorod Obl. 2 AD/Urb HD/Urb WV-LC/0 New/0 SE-MLSP/0
Novosibirsk Obl. 1 New/Urb SE-MLSP/0 0/Urb    
Omsk Obl. 3 New/Urb AD/Urb PD-3/0 New/Dem  
Orenburg Obl. 3 AD/Urb STP/Oth New/Dem 0/0  
Oryol Obl. 2 SE-GO/Urb 0/Oth AD/EI    
Ossetia 1 SE-GO/0 AD/0 AD/0 New/EI  
Penza Oblast 2 PD-2/Urb SE-MLSP/Urb      
Perm Krai 3 AD/Urb New/Urb STP/Urb 0/Dem  
Primorsky Krai 2 SE-GO/Urb WV-LC/Dem 0/Dem New/0  
Pskov Obl. 5 PD-1/Urb AD/EI New/Dem WV-LC/Oth New/Oth
Altai Republic 1 0/Urb STP/Oth 0/0 New/0  
Rostov Obl. 4 PD-2/Urb WV-LC AD/Urb STP/Dem  
Ryazan Obl. 3 PD-1/Urb SE-MLSP/Oth SE-MLSP/EI    
Samara Obl. 2 PD-2/Urb WV-LC/Urb AD/0    
St. Petersburg 5 AD/EI SE-GO/Oth STP/SWB New/EI SE-MLSP/Dem
Saratov Obl. 2 AD/Urb SE-MLSP/Urb 0/EI    
Sakhalin Obl. 3 SE-MLSP/Dem HD/Dem AD/Urb 0/0  
Sverdlovsk Obl. 3 SE-MLSP/EI New/Dem WV-LC/Oth 0/EI  
Sevastopol+Crimea 4 AD/Urb SE-MLSP/EI STP/EI WV-LC  
Smolensk Obl. 3 AD/Urb HD/Urb New/SWB 0/0  
Stavropol Krai 1 AD/0 0/Urb AD/Dem    
Tambov Obl. 3 PD-2/Urb WV-LC/Oth 0/EI AD/EI  
Tatarstan 2 SE-GO/Urb HD/EI 0/Dem    
Tver Obl. 3 SE-GO/Urb AD/EI WV-LC/Oth    
Tomsk Obl. 2 New/Urb 0/0 New/EI 0/0 STP/0
Tuva 1 PD-1/Urb 0/0 0/EI    
Tula Obl. 3 AD/Urb STP/Urb WV-LC/Dem 0/Dem  
Tyumen Obl. 1 AD/Urb 0/Urb      
Udmurtia 2 PD-2/Urb 0/EI PD-4/Oth New/0  
Ulyanovsk Obl. 3 PD-1/Urb 0/EI SE-MLSP/Dem WV-LC/Oth  
Khabarovsk Krai 3 New/Urb SE-MLSP/Dem SE-GO/EI 0/0 PD-3/0
Khakassia 2 STP/Urb AD/Dem 0/0 New/0  
Khanty-Mansi AO 2 AD/0 WV-LC New/0 SE-GO/Urb  
Chelyabinsk Obl. 4 AD/Urb WV-LC/Urb SE-GO/EI AD/Dem  
Chechnya 1 SE-GO/Urb 0/Urb 0/0 0/0  
Chuvashia 2 AD/Urb 0/Dem HD/0 WV-LC/Dem  
Chukotka 1 AD/Urb WV-LC/0 0/Urb 0/0  
Yakutia 3 AD/Urb New/EI 0/Oth WV-LC  
Yamalo-Nenets AO 2 PD-2/EI STP/Urb      
Yaroslavl Obl. 2 HD/Urb SE-GO/EI 0/EI STP/0  

Disambiguation: PD – political dimension, AD – authoritarian-democratic, New – new parties, SE-GO – socioeconomic: government–opposition, SE-MLSP – socioeconomic: market liberals–social protectionists, WV-LC – worldview: liberals–conservatives, HD – "hawks"–"doves", STP – Soviet traditionalists–progressives, Urb – urbanization, Dem – demographic characteristics, EI – economic independence of the population, SWB – social wellbeing, Oth – other, 0 – none.